Announcing the 3rd Conference - Krakow 2005 Overview's third conference is an event not to be missed! Two days of presentations, training sessions, group discussions and networking, all in the unique atmosphere of Krakow -- city of artists, bohemians, historical architecture and famous nightlife. Map of Krakow and location of the event: see here Program The event will feature industry speakers and members discussing issues of importance to translators and interpreters, including techniques, technologies, business issues and more. More details related to the program will be announced in the coming weeks. Hotel The conference will be held in the following hotel:

Hotel System Al. 29 Listopada 189 31-241 Krak�w Poland Hotel website
The hotel itself is located at the main road (easy access by car from Warszawa, Katowice, etc.), in the proximity of the Balice Airport and about 10 minutes taxi ride from the Old Town (and railway station). The conference sessions will take place in one large hall and two smaller fully equipped workshop-rooms (internet connection and audio-visual equipment). The hotel offers the possibility of accommodation to conference attendees. All rooms are nice and comfortable (checked by Magda!), with bathrooms and free internet connections. There is also a small internet cafe in the lobby, small swimming pool and gym (free). Booking should be made directly; to book online, go to: Hotel System Online Booking * Please note that hotel booking needs to be done individually, the conference fee does not include overnight stay. Discussion Please use the following forum threads to share information, tips and contacts: NEW!!! Weather forecast for Krakow Program Suggestions Travel Info Accomodation in Krakow Social Events To list your interest in attending, receive updates and latest news, go to: Powwow page Payment Like prior conferences, this event is meant to be affordable for all members. It is possible to register only for the event, or to purchase conference attendance and platinum membership together. Conference only Residents of Poland: Fee: PLN 460 -40 (discount for platinum members) = PLN 420 (+22% VAT) Residents of other countries: Fee: EUR 115 -10 (discount for Platinum members) = EUR 105 (+22% VAT) * The conference fee includes two days of sessions, lectures and workshops, coffee and lunches served during breaks and Friday night networking dinner. Early booking: A discount is available to all participants booking before the 30th September. Also, a further discount is granted to all Platinum members (including Partial Platinum). The two discounts (Platinum and Early booking) can be cumulated. * Participants who do not have EU VAT IDs must add 22% for VAT. Combination: Conference and Platinum Membership It is possible to purchase conference attendance and platinum membership simultaneously, at a combined price that represents a discount from what would be paid to purchase one after the other. For residents of Poland: PLN620 (420 conference fee + 250 one year full platinum - 50 discount) or with browniz PLN570 (420 conference fee + 200 one year full platinum + 4000 browniz points - 50 discount) For residents of other countries: EUR165 (95 conference fee + 100 one year full platinum - 30 discount) or with browniz: EUR145 (95 conference fee + 80 one year full platinum + 4000 browniz - 30 discount). * Participants who do not have EU VAT IDs must add 22% for VAT. To pay online (credit card, paypal, or to initiate a wire transfer other than in Poland): [Conference only] [Conference plus platinum membership] Questions and queries: Use the forum threads listed above or contact Magda e-mail: magda at kmm-language dot com
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