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Description:We are a team of freelancers that includes native speakers of both English and Turkish and believe that two minds are better than, that synergy is the key to excellence and that this "translates" into added value. We offer comprehensive TEP and with native speaker input on both source and target, many international companies have come to rely on us for critical projects.

Specialty areas include: business, marketing, copywriting, legal, technical, IT, website localization, product manuals
Team language pairs (2):
  • Da Inglese a Turco
  • Da Turco a Inglese

Team leader Inc.
Trained linguist, competent researcher
Stati Uniti
Robert Johnson (Sıfır Hata Şefi)
With an MA in Linguistics, 8 years of English-teaching experience at the university level and over 9 years of full-time professional experience in the field of translation, Robert Johnson is uniquely qualified to lead this team in its quest for added-value. He has performed translation on long-term international litigation cases, copy-writing for such sterling brand names as Sony, and magazine translation for Pegasus' in-flight magazine as well as a wine/culture magazine for one of Turkey's largest wineries. He regularly manages website localization projects as well as a variety of business newsletters and company reports.

2 team members
BrowniZ: 150
Da Inglese a Turco

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