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Translation into English

Team information
Description:We are a professional team of translators, editors and proofreaders working together to offer the highest quality in the industry. We are not an agency, which means we do not charge our clients anything more than what each translator charges for himself or herself. This way, we are able to work with and keep the best linguists in the industry. We work exclusively into English and offer a high degree of specialization.
Team language pairs (5):
  • Da Fiammingo a Inglese
  • Da Greco a Inglese
  • Da Olandese a Inglese
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese
  • Da Tedesco a Inglese

Team leader
Eliza Ariadni Kalfa
Eliza Ariadni Kalfa
For a job well done.
Stati Uniti
Spanish-English, Greek-English translator; English transcriber, editor and proofreader

3 team members
Steven Beijer
Steven Beijer
Experienced, efficient and reliable
KudoZ: 4
BrowniZ: 279
Da Olandese a Inglese
Carmen Lawrence
Carmen Lawrence
Professional, fast, dependable
KudoZ: 152
BrowniZ: 1810
Da Olandese a Inglese
Da Tedesco a Inglese
Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
Michael Joseph Wdowiak Beijer
Well-researched, fluent texts.
Regno Unito
KudoZ: 1639
BrowniZ: 13939
Da Olandese a Inglese
Da Fiammingo a Inglese
Translator & Terminologist
(Dutch/Flemish into English)