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Tacura Translation Team

Team information
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Team leader
Serhiy Trylis
Serhiy Trylis
Accurate, fast and cost-effective
15 years of experience

3 team members
BrowniZ: 303
Da Russo a Arabo
Da Ucraino a Arabo
Da Inglese a Arabo
Vassyl Trylis
40 books translated/edited and published
KudoZ: 3223
BrowniZ: 6115
Da Inglese a Russo
Da Inglese a Ucraino
Da Francese a Russo
(7 more)
Olga Korobenko
Olga Korobenko
Thorough investigation for small details
KudoZ: 1464
BrowniZ: 617
Da Spagnolo a Russo
Da Spagnolo a Ucraino
Da Inglese a Russo
(6 more)

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