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Team language pairs (8):
  • Da Catalano a Hindi
  • Da Catalano a Inglese
  • Da Gujarati a Inglese
  • Da Gujarati a Italiano
  • Da Inglese a Italiano
  • Da Italiano a Inglese
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese
  • Inglese

Team leader
Roomy Naqvy
Roomy Naqvy
Also a Professor of Translation
Roomy Naqvy
*Award for Literary Translation.
*Publication in respected national journals and books.
*Literary sensitivity and creative writer.

3 team members
Berni Armstrong
Berni Armstrong
Never Missed a Deadline in 28 Years
KudoZ: 778
BrowniZ: 2661
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
Da Catalano a Inglese
Songwriter and perspiring author...
I have not done as many literary translations as I would like to have done - or at least not professionally. I often do poems and singable versions of songs for fun.

Having said that, I just did a paid translation of George Sands's "A Winter in Majorca" from French to English. I did it with a lot of help from comparative translations into Catalan and Spanish. Learned a lot... what a challenge!
The right word for the right occasion
KudoZ: 13820
BrowniZ: 45367
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
Da Francese a Inglese
Da Tedesco a Inglese
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Scientific humility is a question of scientific pride
I never translate literary or artistic work without research.

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