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Description:We are a team who provides translations from English into Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, French, Russian and Serbian and vice versa. All our translations are independently proofread by native speakers prior to delivery to assure the highest possible quality of translation.

As we are a team of freelance translators, we can deal with large volume projects and there are no agency fees to pay, making the whole experience for our clients simple, easy and affordable, while at the same time providing them with exceptionally high quality translations.

Our fees are between 0.05-0.08 EUR for translation and 0.07-0.10 EUR for translation with independent proofreading.

We also offer proofreading services into Bulgarian, English and Serbian for pre-translated texts for 0.02-0.03 EUR per word.
Team language pairs (10) Show all:
  • Da Bosniaco a Inglese: 0.07 EUR
  • Da Bulgaro a Inglese: 0.07 EUR
  • Da Croato a Inglese: 0.07 EUR
  • Da Francese a Inglese: 0.10 EUR
  • Da Inglese a Bosniaco: 0.05 EUR
  • Da Inglese a Bulgaro: 0.05 EUR
  • Da Inglese a Croato: 0.065 EUR
  • Da Inglese a Francese: 0.08 EUR
  • Da Inglese a Serbo: 0.05 EUR
  • Da Serbo a Inglese: 0.07 EUR

Team leader
Betty M.
Betty M.
Technical and Legal Translations
Regno Unito
BA - English Language and Literature
I have worked solely as a freelance translator for the past 15 years, often acting as a Project manager for larger teams and delivering large volume translations into a number of languages.

Among other things, I organised the writing of two language books of 200 pages each for the USA ATAP Agency training course, localized J.D. Edwards Software for Deloite & Touche and, together with my back-up translators, did over 3 000 000 words of legal, technical and medical translations over the years.

4 team members
BrowniZ: 175
Da Inglese a Serbo
Da Inglese a Serbo-Croato
Da Svedese a Serbo
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Marija Stojanovich
Marija Stojanovich
Don't just translate - tranSOON
KudoZ: 24
BrowniZ: 1921
Da Serbo a Inglese
Da Inglese a Serbo
Da Serbo-Croato a Inglese
(3 more)
Dragi Peltechki
Dragi Peltechki
Your translation is in good hands...
KudoZ: 69
BrowniZ: 207
Da Inglese a Macedone
Da Macedone a Inglese
Da Serbo a Inglese
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