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Featured Articles
» Be friend with earlier standardized, popular, and slang languages
By Portalkata | Published 12/11/2010 | Art of Translation and Interpreting | Recommendation:
In sociological and cultural sphere like this, popular or even slang language should not being stepchild-ed, but viewed in proportion as natural phenomenon, so its preference is not seen as a polemic but as a dynamic.
Recent Articles
» El rol de la traducción en las estrategias de expansión internacional
By Veronica Tolosa | Published 04/29/2019 | Sales/Marketing Translation | Recommendation:
La importancia de la transcreación y la generación de contenidos bilingües.
» Quite a rotten localisation of a perfect (A)pple
By Jakov Milicevic | Published 02/24/2019 | Localization and Globalization | Recommendation:
The purpose of this article is to present examples of poor localisation of Apple’s tangible and intangible content into Croatian. That content does not meet the basic principles of the Croatian standard. The opinions and arguments presented in this article are based on descriptive and normative grammars and dictionaries of the contemporary Croatian language, as well as recommendations by the leading institutions for the Croatian language (Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje[1], Leksikografski zavod Miroslava Krleže[2], Matica Hrvatska[3]), available in written or electronic form, as well as by the leading language experts who are users of Apple products. This article is only a part of a series of articles dealing with a poor localisation approach by Apple[4], one of the leading IT companies. The first article analyses the basic terminology used in the translation of iOS and MacOS UI strings.
» English Grammar Made Very Easy
By Zoltan Bartok | Published 01/23/2019 | English Grammar | Recommendation:
Whether you want to learn or to teach the correct use of English Grammar, this book will make it very easy for you. If you are a native of an English speaking country but not sure, for example, about the proper use of the Tenses, you will be amazed when you see this method quickly clearing up any confusion you might have. If English is your second (or third, etc.) language, you may have difficulties comprehending when and why you need to use certain forms of grammar, especially if your native language does not even have that form. A good example for this is the use of Past Tense in the Hungarian language where the English “to be” is expressed only by the word “volt” while the English language has three different ways to form the “to be” in the past (“had been”, “was or were”, “have been or has been”). Give this method a try, I firmly believe you will not be disappointed.
» ‘Medical translation: a focus on English versus Italian texts’
By Valerie Scaletta | Published 01/22/2019 | Translation Techniques | Recommendation:
Analysis and approaches in medical translation
» The right search leads to accurate results
By Ligia Maria Ribeiro | Published 01/15/2019 | Medical Translation | Recommendation:
This article is meant for professionals who want to be medical translators. The approach is about the importance of researching terminologies used in this specific segment and which can be used incorrectly or have different options for different clients.
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