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Maria Teresa Sammarco
Analogous effects by different means....

Brasov, Brasov, Romania

Madrelingua: Italiano 
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Translation Services From English, Romanian, German into Italian
Translating is a matter of Heart/ Art z2an0jey22whyhcgcrep.png

"Without translation I would be limited to
the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He
introduces me to the world." Italo Calvino 

Visit my webpage at:

I am looking forward to helping you sharing, writing and exchanging ideas!!!

I was born in Bari- Italy where I attended the local classical grammar school and obtained my Master Degree in Foreign Modern Languages (with one academic year spent in Germany - at the Schiller Universitaet of Jena) and where I spent a two years period at the University of Pharmacy and Chemistry (Università degli Studi di Bari- Politecnico). Since 2015 I live in Transilvania, Brasov County- Romania.

During my childhood for family and educational reasons I used to spend long periods in England (Oxfordshire), attending languages courses and directly experiencing all the aspects and the nuances of the British culture.

In 2004 I won an invitation for tender issued by the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs as Italian Language Assistant  and Trainer at the Haberdasher Monmouth School for Girls, Cardiff- Wales. After this working experience I started working for more than 10 years in the Tourism Industry as Cruise Ship Manager, Tour Manager, Hotel Manager, Sales and Commercial Manager, Trainer for international Hotel Chains in Italy and abroad, always handling with different cultures and people from all over the world.

Since 2014 I work as Full Time Freelance Translator, certified Proz Network translating from Romanian, German and English into Italian, activity which represents for me both a job as well as a passion.

My previous working positions have given to me the opportunity to explore all the aspects related to the Tourism and Hospitality industry, handling with all the related commercial, legal, marketing aspects such as rental and leasing contracts, contracts of employment, sell contracts with travel agencies and tour operators, publicity, holiday packages, contracts with suppliers, price lists, F&B products, HCCP policies, environmental and labor protection laws.

I can assure Quality Translation due to an intimate understanding of the nuances of both the source and the target language at a native speaker level, adding Marketing Flair to conveying the message of the text itself in order to best capture the inviting message of the original text, remembering the Target Audience and focusing on the details.

In order to offer top-quality translation services, I regularly attend training course and webinars (also listed in my proz profile where it is also possible to have a look at some of my sample translations) that allow me to be always updated about the major trends concerning my fields of expertise.

What do I translate?

I only work in areas in which I have both experience and knowledge. These areas include Legal & Business, Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Medicine & Healthcare, Eu Documents, Technical Descriptions, Tourism & Hospitality, Food and Beverage. 

Translation Experience:

  • Legal, Marketing, FAQs, Finance, Family Offices, Human Resources, Quality Control, Work Safety, HCCP, Policies, Questionnaires, Contract, Agreements, Managing Director Letters
  • E- Commerce
  • Education
  • EU Documents
  • Technical Manuals
  • Pharmaceutical Compositions, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Labels, Nutrition, Health care Catalogues, Presentation of Health Care Products, Safety Precautions regarding Infectious Diseases, General Medicine, Clinical Trials, 
  • Tourism, Hospitality, HCCP, Work Safety Conditions, Hotel Brochures and Websites, Booking and Cancellations Procedures, Hotel Softwares, Hotel Management, TO contracts, Events presentations
  • Menu, Receipts, Ingredients, Enogastronomy, Food Preparations Instructions
  • Food and Beverage, Alcoholic beverage labels, Food labelling policies and guidelines, Measurements/Symbols, Information requirements for food packaging, Catering websites, Food websites, Food processors, Nutritional Information/ Facts tables, Organic designation, Food handling and safety codes, Food storage, Transportation and Distribution, Shipping labels, Food advertising  
  • General, Conversation, Articles

A little bit more about myself....follow me!!



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Da Inglese a Italiano2
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Parole chiave: Translation, Traduzione, Localization, Proof Writing, Advertising, English, German, Italian, Romanian, Travel, Tourism, Holiday, Patterns, Hospitality, Booking, Reservation, Portals, Slow Food, Slow Tourism, Hotel, Ecotourism, River, Races, Religions, Culture, Resort, Marketing, Touristic, Legislation, Leisure, Retail, Trip, Camping, Adventure, Business, Economy, Luxury, Hospitality, Touristic, Travel Agencies, Tour Operator, Matecat, Discount, Voucher, Sport, Nature, Cultural, Tourism, Capitals, Italy, Europe, Map, Online, Marketing, E-Commerce, Campaign, Social, Trend, Digital, Rent, Buy, Guide, Museum, Documentaries, Paint, Sculpture, Brochures, Flyers, Itinerary, Description, Tour, Folklore, Food, Wine, Culinary, Gastronomy, Geography, History, Resort, Cruise, Wellness, Beauty, Art, History, Architecture, Environment, Ship, Marketing, Location, Pollution, Strategies, Promotions, Territory, Sea, Mountain, Lake, Resort, Letters, General, Documents, Trados, Wordfast, Matecat, Theater, Prose, Subtitles, General Medicine, Healthcare, Organization, Planet, Nature, Novel, Prose, Theater, Article, Slogan, Promotion, Terms and Conditions of Use, Private Policies, Strategies and Actions, General Conduct & Limited License, Compliance with Applicable Laws, Strategic, Pricing, Programs, Indemnity, Termination and Survival, Miscellaneous, Group Strategies, Video, Scripts, Managing Director Letters, Websites, Marketing and Business Contents, Media Contact, Speeches, Financial Information, Company Overviews, Strategic Sourcing, Safety Workplace Safety, Medicine, Healthcare, Psychology, Reviews, Book, Review, Transpersonal Psychology, Cosmetic, Beauty Labels Medicine, Clinical Trials, Medical Devices, Medical Treatments, Medical Terminology, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmacological Instructions, Education, Linguistic, Psychology, Education, Literature, Prose, Poetry, Trials, Devices, Publicity, Regulations, Rules, Diagnosis, Response, Investigation, 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