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Team information
Description:We're a team composed of 3 translators. We are very experienced and managed to successfully complete a lot of projects since 1996 year in the following fields: Banking and Finance, Business and Commerce, Marketing, Social Science and Sociology, Education and Pedagogy, Public Relations, Law and Contracts, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Construction, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and etc.
Team language pairs (8):
  • Da Azero a Inglese: US$0.10-US$0.15
  • Da Azero a Russo: US$0.05-US$0.07
  • Da Inglese a Azero: US$0.08-US$0.10
  • Da Inglese a Russo: US$0.08-US$0.10
  • Da Russo a Azero: US$0.05-US$0.07
  • Da Russo a Inglese: US$0.10-US$0.12
  • Da Russo a Turco: US$0.10-US$0.14
  • Da Turco a Russo: US$0.08-US$0.10

Team leader
Outstanding Expertise & Professionalism!
Baku State University, Azerbaijan, MA-Baku State University, 19 years of experience

1 team member