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PFT - Professional Freelancers Team

Articulate technical translations

Team information
Description:We mainly specialize in Video games localization, as well translating technical, marketing, and advertising texts for Technology, TV, Radio, Print media and Internet industries.

Native speakers of both Russian and Ukrainian

Can handle projects with tight deadlines

Advanced PC and CAT tools users.

Privacy guaranteed.

Affordable rates, individual approach.
Team language pairs (4):
  • Da Inglese a Russo
  • Da Inglese a Ucraino
  • Da Russo a Inglese
  • Da Ucraino a Inglese

Team leader
Andrei Yefimov
Andrei Yefimov
Linguist, journalist, copywriter

2 team members
Serg Yefimov
Serg Yefimov
Marketing, Manuals, Localization
KudoZ: 806
BrowniZ: 2604
Da Inglese a Russo
Da Inglese a Ucraino
Da Ucraino a Inglese
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