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Description:The team is integrated by a Photographer/ Web Designer/Graphic Designer, a Medical Doctor/Health Manager and a Environmental/Industrial Engineer. We work with medical, healthcare, business, engineering, environmental,industrial, scientific, and related information, on a well designed display, using desktop technologies and field knowledge.
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  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese: 0.08 USD/word

Team leader
Carlos Sorzano
Carlos Sorzano
Translations by a practicing physician
Stati Uniti
Medical Doctor
Medical Doctor. Health Management specialist.
Editor. Translation experience on Pharmaceutical Industry.

4 team members
BrowniZ: 300
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Mauricio Plata
Mauricio Plata
Environmental Agroindustrial Engineer
KudoZ: 16
BrowniZ: 315
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
KudoZ: 4
BrowniZ: 300
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
Da Catalano a Inglese
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