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Silk Road Translators

Team information
Description:Collaboration in translation in different languages.I am interested to work with translators from every nation and every language
Team language pairs (7):
  • Da Armeno a Inglese: 0.08
  • Da Farsi (persiano) a Inglese: 0.06
  • Da Inglese a Azero: 0.12$US
  • Da Inglese a Farsi (persiano): 0.05
  • Da Inglese a Spagnolo: 0.08
  • Da Spagnolo a Russo: 0.10
  • Da Tedesco a Inglese: 0.07

Team leader
Shahram Chapari
Translation is art of communication

7 team members
Virginia Ledesma Tovar
Virginia Ledesma Tovar
Experience, reliability at a good price
KudoZ: 87
BrowniZ: 784
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Da Tedesco a Spagnolo
Reliable Accuracy and Quality
I have more than 12 years of experience in Legal and technical matters and a Translation university degree that support my work.
10+ years of translating experience
KudoZ: 103
BrowniZ: 276
Da Azero a Russo
Da Inglese a Russo
(6 more)
Reliable and fast translations
10 years of experience in translation of Medical/General Business texts from/to Russian, Azeri, English.

Bilingual Russian/Azeri native speaker.

Doctor of Medicine, Surgeon.
Currently studying MBA.
Armineh Johannes
Armineh Johannes
Over twenty years of translation
KudoZ: 1444
BrowniZ: 3042
Da Inglese a Farsi (persiano)
Da Farsi (persiano) a Inglese
Da Persiano (farsi) a Inglese
(8 more)
Highly experienced
I have over eighteen years of translation experience. I am a native Iranian.Language pairs:
25 years of translation within the US
KudoZ: 132
BrowniZ: 3181
Da Russo a Inglese
Da Inglese a Francese
Da Inglese a Russo
(4 more)
Attention to quality

20 years of Translating/ Simultaneous Interpreting/ Editing (En>Ru and Ru>En)(within the US)
12 years of Desktop Publishing (both Russian and English), Image Editing, and Illustration
11 years of customer service, including problem analysis and resolution
4 years of public speaking (public events, conventions, conferences, seminars within the US)

20 years of Data Processing, including Computer Graphics in Windows and Macintosh
11 years of techinical documentation writing and editing (both English and Russian)
6 years of Web site development and translation, including programming, graphics, animation, rich media and publishing
3 years of American college instruction
Nadia Said
Nadia Said
Satisfied clients worldwide.
KudoZ: 87
BrowniZ: 258
Da Tedesco a Arabo
Da Arabo a Tedesco
Da Inglese a Arabo
(1 more)
A lawyer and a translator.
I'm a translator from Egypt with a B.A. in Law.
Arabic is my mother tongue, English is my second language and I'm good in German.

Have 5 years experience as a freelance translator and have dealt with different legal,medical,technical and IT documents.
BrowniZ: 100
Da Farsi (persiano) a Inglese

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