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The Subirós Team

Team information
Description:Uncle and nephew have joined for a better solution at the glance, at your hands, keep Us busy
Team language pairs (3):
  • Da Inglese a Spagnolo
  • Da Spagnolo a Bulgaro
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese

Team leader
Accuracy while still faster
Stati Uniti
Lawyer and IT Pro (The uncle)
Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, BA-Nguyen Van Troy, Guantanamo, Cuba, 31 years of experience

3 team members
Alexander Subirós Martínez
Alexander Subirós Martínez
Connecting thoughts
KudoZ: 313
BrowniZ: 768
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Alexander (The nephew)
Physicist at Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba
Nelvys Subirós-Martínez
Nelvys Subirós-Martínez
For the safety of Life Sciences!
KudoZ: 35
BrowniZ: 356
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Da Spagnolo a Inglese
The niece
Biologist graduated in Havana University
Master in Neuroscience
Patent specialty

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