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A concentrated mix of competences, skills and languages

Team information
Description:2 Graduated and experienced Translators/Editors working side by side for an optimal distribution of tasks:
- analysis and quotation
- file preparation
- terminology research and compilation
- translation
- review
- delivery and administration
- post-delivery assistance

Wide range of competences at your service:
- Articles
- Audiovisual
- Automotive
- Business/Financial documents
- Calls of tender and submissions
- Certificates + Diplomas
- Consumers Electronics
- Contracts
- Customer presentations
- Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical)
- Environment
- Health & safety guidelines
- HR
- IT (software/hardware)
- Legal: contracts and other legal documents
- Medical Devices, Surveys
- Notices to personnel and stakeholders
- Outsourcing and maintenance contracts
- Patents
- PR communications and advertising materials
- Presentations + Reports + Surveys 
- Press releases
- Product labels 
- Quality control procedures, test protocols, methodological documentations
- Sales and marketing material (including localization)
- Software manuals, user interfaces, instructions, help guides and documentation
- Subtitles
- Technical specifications 
- Telecommunication
- Training documents and manuals
- User manuals
- Web pages and websites

Beneficial integration of skills and attitudes.
- Carmy is extremely attentive to details, and her experience includes in-house work with banks, law firms and TV rights distribution.
- Luca can solve technical challenges, served in-house at Philips and worked as a webmaster

We deliver high quality on time and translate exclusively in our 3 respective native languages.
Team language pairs (7):
  • Da Francese a Inglese
  • Da Francese a Italiano
  • Da Inglese a Francese
  • Da Inglese a Italiano
  • Da Italiano a Francese
  • Da Italiano a Inglese
  • Da Olandese a Italiano

Team leader
Luca Tutino
Luca Tutino
Former in-house Editor at PolyGram
I am a native Italian editor and translator specialized in marketing materials and business documents, as well as technical documents and IT localization. I have studied Linguistics at university in Rome, and held an in-house position as Editor at PolyGram, in the Netherlands. Today I am based near Rome and work in the following language combinations: EN>IT, FR>IT, NL>IT.

My education in linguistics is completed by a few years of international business experience and 22 years of work dedicated to languages and Translation. Thanks to a thorough preparation and technical equipment I can assure fast delivery of high quality specialized translations in various fields. At the same time you can count on the best and most appropriate Italian style.

Ordinary Member of ANITI (Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters), I enjoy wonderful relationships with a number of returning customers, both direct clients and translation agencies, and I am presently interested in a chance to develop more relationships based on quality and loyalty.

MA-State University "La Sapienza" Of Rome, ANITI, 22 years of experience.

1 team member
Carmy Tutino
Carmy Tutino
Translating is bringing you across
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Da Inglese a Francese
Da Italiano a Inglese
Da Italiano a Francese
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