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Team information
Description:Native Swede and native Thai, both with degrees.
Humanities (BA in Japanese and Spanish, Cardiff) and science (BSc in Applied Statistics, Rajabhat Institute Bansommdejchaopraya).
Team language pairs (7):
  • Da Francese a Svedese: 0.08-0.13 EUR/source word
  • Da Giapponese a Svedese: 0.05-0.08 EUR/source character, or 70 EUR per page
  • Da Inglese a Thailandese: 0.07-0.12 GBP/source word
  • Da Spagnolo a Svedese: 0.06-0.07 EUR/source word
  • Da Svedese a Thailandese: 0.09-0.12 EUR/source word
  • Da Tedesco a Svedese: 0.08-0.13 EUR/source word
  • Da Thailandese a Svedese: 0.09-0.12 EUR/source word

Team leader
Educated in Sweden, Canada, Spain, Japan and the United Kingdom with a BA from Cardiff University, he has been translating professionally since 2003, but with work experience in everything from agriculture in Québec and Korea to fish retail in Wales, Morten has a broad real-life knowledge-base to draw on.

Travels extensively from the Switzerland/Québec base, and for prolonged periods, mostly to his native Sweden, east Asia, to German-speaking countries, and to French-speaking territories, in order to maintain and improve proficiency in the main language combinations.

3 team members
KudoZ: 23
BrowniZ: 23
Da Inglese a Thailandese
The interpreter of choice
After 3 years of thinking, working and living in English, Sinthon works since 2003 in Thai, as an importer, and lives in English, as a book-lover. Her specialist skills are being put to use within the field of free-lance translation, and she walks the edges of refined Thai conversation as an interpreter.
Arporn Suvannakita
Arporn Suvannakita
14+ Years English-Thai Translator
BrowniZ: 455
Da Inglese a Thailandese

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