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When your translation just can\'t wait

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Description:We are a team of legal, financial and technical specialist translators working together to offer you freelance rates with the benefit of team service. We work from Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Team language pairs (19) Show all:
  • Da Bulgaro a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Ceco a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Croato a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Danese a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Francese a Inglese: €0.06
  • Da Greco a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Italiano a Inglese: €0.06
  • Da Norvegese a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Olandese a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Polacco a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Portoghese a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Rumeno a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Russo a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Serbo a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Slovacco a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Sloveno a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Svedese a Inglese: €0.07
  • Da Tedesco a Inglese: €0.06

Team leader
When your translation just can't wait
Regno Unito
Chief translator
ITI and nearly 20 years of experience -
Originally I worked in Investment banking focusing on the production of publications on the European foreign exchange and bond markets. This cemented my background in finance. Additionally, in my career, I have extensively researched computational linguists, language philosophy and contextually-cognizant linguistics, having both lectured and published in my earlier years. Currently I concentrate on investment and litigation related texts, although I do take work in other areas as well.

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