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Description:We are a team of translators specializing in European languages, hoping to eventually provide language solutions for all EU langauge pairs. We aim to communicate and share projects and terminology as a dynamic team producing efficient and accurate translations. Our goal is to facilitate up-to-date communication in many different industries among EU nations and eastern European nations.
Team language pairs (11) Show all:
  • Da Catalano a Inglese: negotiable
  • Da Francese a Inglese: negotiable
  • Da Francese a Russo: negotiable
  • Da Inglese a Francese: negotiable
  • Da Inglese a Russo: negotiable
  • Da Inglese a Tedesco: negotiable
  • Da Italiano a Tedesco: negotiable
  • Da Russo a Inglese: negotiable
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese: negotiable
  • Da Tedesco a Inglese: negotiable
  • Da Tedesco a Italiano: negotiable

Team leader
adria mooney
adria mooney
fast, affordable, versatile
team member
My German, linguistics and literature background make me a versatile translator eager to take on any project. I am a native English speaker with experience living and attending school in Germany. I am currently seeking an advanced degree in environmental policy.
My present specializations include forestry, biogeochemistry and environmental policy.

6 team members
Nikolaus Halter
Nikolaus Halter
Native speaker of English and German
KudoZ: 67
BrowniZ: 676
Da Inglese a Tedesco
Da Tedesco a Inglese
(1 more)
Native speaker of German and English
My areas of specialty are medical and pharmaceutical, although I have worked in other fields as well, such as technical and software. I possess native fluency in both languages and am capable of translating from one into the other with equal speed and accuracy.
KudoZ: 435
BrowniZ: 1839
Da Inglese a Russo
Da Russo a Inglese
Da Francese a Russo
(3 more)
Committed to perfection
I specialize in legal, financial and technical translations in English-French-Russian language combinations. I have over 5 years of full-time translation/interpretation experience.
Nicole Maina
Nicole Maina
Technical only, GermanItalian only!
KudoZ: 752
BrowniZ: 27261
Da Tedesco a Italiano
Da Italiano a Tedesco
Truly bilingual (Italian - German)
I grew up in a bilingual environment and live in Turin, the Italian city of automotive industry (and the city of the Winter Olympic Games 2006!).

I'm specialised in technichal translation and interpreting and work with suppliers of AUDI, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen.
Accurate, eloquent, reliable
KudoZ: 12
BrowniZ: 556
Da Inglese a Tedesco
Da Tedesco a Inglese
(1 more)
MA in literature
I have studied English and German literature and I am accredited translator. Due to a working background in finance I specialize in business and commerce. My other fields are travel&tourism, social sciences and literature.
KudoZ: 1274
BrowniZ: 2344
Da Italiano a Tedesco
Da Tedesco a Italiano
Da Inglese a Italiano
(1 more)
Technical translator, bilingual German-Italian
Technical translations since 2001, proofreading in italian and german.
I deliver my works always on time. Negotiable rates