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Team information
Description:My major is in physics and mechanical engineering. I need partners in other technical areas and people that are good in software such as TRADOS and FRAME Page 7 so we can shere our expertises.
Team language pairs (1):
  • Da Inglese a Cinese: US $0.10/word

Team leader
Kwei Chang
highly technical in Physics and Eng.
Stati Uniti
Kwei Chang (kkchang)
United States
highly technical in Physics and Eng.

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Specialization :
Ph.D. in physics and B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Specialiazed in thermodynamics, air- conditioning, solid state physics, energy, fluid mechanics,oil/gas, technical manual,
electromagnetics, EMI, high frequency signal transmition, optics, dynamics, heat transfer.

Background :
translation $0.1/English word
review:$0.05/English word
Proofread $0.015/English word

Besides myself, I have a team covering
EE,computer science and IT. We do highly technical translations and proofread.
We also translate non-technical documents.


Min/Target per word Min/Target per hour
English > Chinese 0.08/0.15 USD 30.00/50.00 USD

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Keywords : solid state physics
electromagnetics EMI high frequency optics thermodynamics dynamics fluid mechanics heat transfer ITenergy oil gas high speed signal IT
Ph.D. physics mechanical engineering
quantum mechanics technical manual

1 team member