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<body> is located in Ghaziabad in India. We are a team of translators and linguists who understand the complexities of a quality text translation and website localization and are committed to producing the results our clients require of us.
We render our services in Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Assemesse, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Malayalam, Dogri, Kashmiri, Bengali, other Indian Dialects, Sinhalese, Pakistani Punjabi, Arabic and Persian/Farsi

Translation Rates are dependent on language, complexity and length. Highly specialized and technical documents are priced at a higher rate. All projects are edited and proofread as well. <br><br>
Send your document to be translated as an attachment via email. We will get back to you with your quote within 24 hours time.
Web localization projects are quoted on the focus of the work, the targeted language and the complexity of the site to be developed. Please contact us for further detail @

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Team language pairs (32) Show all:
  • Da Bengali a Inglese
  • Da Hindi a Inglese
  • Da Inglese a Arabo
  • Da Inglese a Assamese
  • Da Inglese a Bengali
  • Da Inglese a Bhojpuri (e Tharu)
  • Da Inglese a Bihari
  • Da Inglese a Dari
  • Da Inglese a Dogri
  • Da Inglese a Dravidiche (altre lingue)
  • Da Inglese a Farsi (persiano)
  • Da Inglese a Gujarati
  • Da Inglese a Hindi
  • Da Inglese a Indiche (altre lingue)
  • Da Inglese a Kannada
  • Da Inglese a Kashmiri
  • Da Inglese a Konkani
  • Da Inglese a Malayalam
  • Da Inglese a Marathi
  • Da Inglese a Nepalese
  • Da Inglese a Oriya
  • Da Inglese a Pashto (Pushto)
  • Da Inglese a Punjabi; Panjabi
  • Da Inglese a Rajasthani
  • Da Inglese a Sindhi
  • Da Inglese a Sinhalese; Sinhala
  • Da Inglese a Tamil
  • Da Inglese a Telugu
  • Da Inglese a Urdu
  • Da Nepalese a Inglese
  • Da Tamil a Inglese
  • Da Urdu a Inglese

Team leader
Tarjuma India
Speed & Accuracy at the Best rate!
Business Relation mananger
Abdul Rahman

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