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Team information
Description:We are a team of two experienced English<->Russian translators, working in cooperation to offer high quality translation, editing and QA services. We specialize in scientific, technical papers and articles in the following fields:
· corporate governance
· economics
· banking
· marketing
· human resource
· Intellectual Property, Patents
· human rights
· finance
· dentistry
· pharmacology
· biology, biotechnology
· medical (general)
· oil & gas
· games / video games / gaming / casino
· electrical engineering/electronics
· IT
Our high quality services are based on broad specific knowledge and practical experience in the fields detailed above, as well as extensive experience in translating from Russian to English and from English to Russian. Each text is translated by a translator specializing in the related field. Each translated text is then edited and proof read by a second translator before it is delivered to the customer, to guarantee meticulousness and comprehensibility.
Team language pairs (2):
  • Da Inglese a Russo
  • Da Russo a Inglese

Team leader
PhD, life science, oil and gas
Nuova Zelanda
Research Analyst, Scientist, Translator
Sine scientia ars nihil est

3 team members
Anna Lillis
Nuova Zelanda
BrowniZ: 300
Da Russo a Inglese
Da Inglese a Russo
Anna Lillis
Linguist, Translator
Jenna Naruseviciene
Jenna Naruseviciene
B.A (Hons) Russian, TEFL, NZSTI, 6yrs ex
Nuova Zelanda
BrowniZ: 335
Da Inglese a Russo
Da Russo a Inglese
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