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Description:We are a team of freelance translators working in the various combinations:
english to french, french to english, arabic/english,english/arabic, french/arabic, arabic/french, german /french, french/german, english/german, german /english, spanish/english , english/spanish, french/spanish, spanish/french,

But also rare combinations: Swahili, Somali, Amrahic, Afrikaan,Lingala, Yoruba, Wolof translators!!!!!

We are specialized in various fields ( business, IT, Education, engineering, electronics, computer, patents, law, games, manuals, technical translation, website translation, localization. and so on)
Team language pairs (10) Show all:
  • Da Arabo a Francese
  • Da Arabo a Inglese
  • Da Francese a Inglese
  • Da Inglese a Cinese
  • Da Inglese a Francese
  • Da Inglese a Spagnolo
  • Da Spagnolo a Francese
  • Da Spagnolo a Inglese
  • Da Tedesco a Francese
  • Da Tedesco a Inglese

Team leader
Serge Mboule
"By Native speakers only!"
Project manager
University of Buea, Cameroon, MA-Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (University of Buea - Cameroon-Central Africa)

10 team members
Abdelmonem Samir
Abdelmonem Samir
your Arabic language partner
KudoZ: 2300
BrowniZ: 3839
Da Inglese a Arabo
Da Arabo a Inglese
(1 more)
Johannes Gleim
Johannes Gleim
40 years Engineer, 20 years translations
KudoZ: 16282
BrowniZ: 14124
Da Inglese a Tedesco
Da Tedesco a Inglese
Da Francese a Tedesco
(6 more)
side job translator - technical subjects -
Only on sidejob basis for at least 0.12 euros/word and languages pairs English, French, Italian, Spanisch to German. May be subject to alterations depending on text difficulties, formats and/or time frame.
Please note that I am fulltime engaged as factory inspector and have only limited time for sidejob translation during my stopovers in hotels. The enable me looking for internet access, you should always phone in advance. Mobile phone no. is +49-170-316-37.01
Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Werner Gleim
Serge Plichon
25 years as a freelancer
KudoZ: 275
BrowniZ: 440
Da Inglese a Francese
Da Spagnolo a Francese
mohamed Bennis
mohamed Bennis
KudoZ: 70
BrowniZ: 63
Da Arabo a Francese
Da Francese a Arabo
Da Italiano a Arabo
(9 more)
KudoZ: 4
BrowniZ: 2513
Da Bulgaro a Francese
Da Francese a Bulgaro
Da Inglese a Francese
(3 more)
Patricia Verde
Patricia Verde
Professional ENG-SPA Translator
BrowniZ: 353
Da Inglese a Spagnolo
Freelance ENG-SPA Translator
Hi! I'm a freelance ENG-SPA Translator and I offer my translating, editing and proofreading services.
Diligence and professionalism towards cl
BrowniZ: 365
Da Inglese a Francese
English-French Senior Translator
Time conscious and oriented toward client satisfaction. Good team spirit. Very trustworthy.
Imam Lajjam
Imam Lajjam
Professionalisme et Respect du Métier
KudoZ: 106
BrowniZ: 2038
Da Spagnolo a Arabo
Da Francese a Arabo
Da Arabo a Spagnolo
(4 more)
Regno Unito
BrowniZ: 760
Da Italiano a Francese
Da Francese a Italiano
Da Inglese a Italiano
(2 more)
Irène Guinez
Irène Guinez
French translator
KudoZ: 349
BrowniZ: 8868
Da Spagnolo a Francese
Da Inglese a Francese
Da Catalano a Francese
(2 more)
English, spanish to french translator
Living in Barcelona.
Specialized in law translations,working from spanish and english to french.More than 5 years experience.

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